What are course hours?

The majority of our courses are two day events and run from 8:30am to 4:00pm each day. You will however be sent a confirmation email for your specific course with details after you enter.

Do I need to bring my own food?

Yes, bring food and drinks that you will require for each day. Some venues may have canteen available, if so you will be notified once you have entered.

What do I need to bring?

  • A Licence if you have one
  • Motorcycle
  • All riding gear
  • Fuel
  • Some spares if you have them
  • Food and Drinks

Can I cover all the requirements to get a Motorcycling Australia competition licence at Motodevelopment Motocross Course?

Yes, we cover all required theory and practical units at every Y-AIM course. For junior (under 16 yrs) and senior (over 16yrs) licences.

Can I get a new bike size endorsement at a Motodevelopment Motocross Course?


What is covered in a Motodevelopment Motocross 2 day course?

Below is an example of what is covered at a 2 day course.

  • Standing Position
  • Braking
  • Corner Entry
  • Flat Corners
  • Ruts
  • Berms
  • Jumping
  • Starts
  • Basic Hydration & Nutrition
  • Control Setup

Braking, clutch and throttle exercises